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Fixed Income

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Barclays maintains its market-leading credit franchise by delivering superior ideas, solutions and liquidity across a full range of products globally. In today’s unpredictable environment, the demand for global credit advice has never been greater and we are well positioned to provide innovative products and services that give our clients a substantial competitive edge. Our ability to provide a truly global, client focused credit business is further reinforced by the ongoing external recognition we receive winning many industry-wide awards and surveys across this sector.

Our highly experienced teams are adept in tailoring insightful solutions. These solutions are designed to assist clients in maximizing value and managing risk in an increasingly sophisticated and challenging marketplace. Our global distribution network comprised of regional and product specialists delivers the collective strength of our franchise to clients in more than 50 countries across the globe.


Barclays is a leading market maker and a top-tier lead-manager of issuance in inflation-linked securities, in which we have one of the largest bond franchises globally. This enables us to offer an unsurpassed breadth of products and continue our commitment to the development and growth of inflation-linked markets.

Inflation-Linked Products

Barclays is a leader in inflation-linked products. We are a leading market maker in global inflation-linked securities, a top-tier lead-manager of issuance and the foremost innovator in this asset class across cash, derivatives and structured note products. We have one of the largest inflation-linked bond franchises globally that enables us to offer our clients an unsurpassed breadth of products. We devote significant resources to origination, trading, distribution, research and analytical tools. We have earned widespread recognition for our expertise and innovation in this important segment of the fixed income market.

Barclays has a long standing commitment to the development and growth of inflation-linked markets. We have led the way in supporting and advising on the issuance of and investment in inflation-linked bonds. In Europe, Barclays was involved as lead manager in the first French government bond issues linked to French inflation and Euro zone inflation. We were the first investment bank to take advantage of the facility to strip TIPS in the US.

Our global distribution teams partner with clients to deliver products that match their needs. Barclays’ award-winning specialist teams provide pension funds and insurance companies with tailored asset-liability management solutions. In recent years, we have established ourselves as the inflation-linked “beta” return provider of choice in the industry.

Barclays’ industry leading global inflation-linked research team focuses on all aspects of bonds and derivatives. The team produces a range of research reports including the Global-Inflation Linked Monthly, daily commentaries, various regular publications and trade ideas.

We offer extensive web-based analytics for clients, making available our substantial inflation-linked bond database, complete with on-line tools to interrogate and chart the information. We also provide interactive forward rate, carry and breakeven protection analysis.

We are committed to client education and regularly host conferences in Asia, Europe and the US dedicated to inflation-linked products.

Inflation-Linked Indices

We launched the first global inflation-linked bond in 1997. The market has since grown rapidly and we now publish more than 500 indices daily.

The indices cover eleven sovereign markets, quasi-sovereign issues in the Euro market and a full credit index in sterling. The index family includes the widely followed Euro Government and World Government Inflation-Linked Bond indices.

Barclays Algorithmic Inflation Momentum Switching (AIMS) index broke new ground as the first algorithmic trading index to capture value from trading break-even inflation in the US TIPS market.

In February 2009 Barclays launched the INSPIRE index family, the framework of which is a solution for obtaining liquid inflation exposure in markets where access to inflation-linked instruments is illiquid or non-existent.

For further information please contact Adam Law, Global Inflation Product Manager for Barclays:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7773 2166


Interest Rate Products

Barclays has been a market leader in interest rates for many years. We offer a full product set in all major European currencies, USD, Yen and more. We consistently attain high rankings on a number of electronic execution platforms, including BARX.

Government Bonds

Barclays is one of the largest firms in terms of breadth of primary dealership and prominence. As an active primary dealer in government bond markets throughout Europe, we have access to the flow business which is a prerequisite for success in the interest rate market. Our pre-eminence as a dealer in government bond sectors has been recognised by virtually all major sovereign borrowers in Europe.

Barclays has been recognized as the Best Flow House in Western Europe for three consecutive years and the Best Flow House in North America in the 2013 by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence. Further, we are a Gilt Edged Market Maker (GEMM) for the UK Debt Management Office and are the largest dealers of UK Government Bonds with leadership in electronic execution.

In the secondary government bond market, BARX is an unparalleled tool for providing liquidity and price transparency to clients. In the first half of 2013, we were one of the top three market makers on Bloomberg for US Treasuries, European Bonds, European IRS and Gilts.

Our leadership position in the TIPS product is backed by our unparalleled global resources in inflation linked products. We have grown our Agency products business and are one of the largest dealers across Treasuries, TIPS and Agencies. Barclays is a leading liquidity provider on TradeWeb, Market Access and on our proprietary BARX platform for discount notes, bullet and callable securities.

Barclays has a strong presence in the government bond market in Asia Pacific, and has been a primary dealer in Japanese Government Bonds (JGB) since the inception of the Japanese government trading system. We are ranked within the top three foreign companies in JGB auctions and the inflation linked JGBs. Our capabilities span a full range of Japanese Government Bonds, especially in the areas of floaters, super long dates, CMTs and inflation linked where we are regarded as one of the market leaders.

Interest Rate Derivatives

Barclays has maintained a leadership position in interest rate products for a number of years. We offer a complete product set in all the major European currencies – including sterling, euro, Scandinavian currencies and Swiss francs. In addition, our global interest rate exotics business provides a host of structured products to meet client needs.

Our interest rate derivatives business has received extensive recognition, including the following recent awards:

  • #1 Rates for the past two years - Euromoney Rates Poll, March 2013
  • #1 Interest Rate Swaps for the fourth consecutive year - Risk, June 2013
  • #1 Overall - Interest Rates - Risk, September 2013

Barclays is a liquidity provider in a broad range of interest rate derivative products, including structured products and exotics.

Barclays led the development of etrading in US dollar interest rate swaps through its BARX platform. Overall, Barclays was ranked in the top 3 for electronic execution for US Treasuries, European Government Bonds, Gilts and European IRS on Bloomberg during the first half of 2013.

Barclays is growing rapidly in Asia Pacific and has established a strong presence in the interest rate derivatives business. We have invested considerable financial and human resources, and offer comprehensive interest rate risk management solutions to clients in the region. This effort was recognised when Structured Products’ 2012 Asia Awards named us Interest Rates House of the Year in Asia for the second consecutive year.

In keeping with our strong focus and commitment to execution, Barclays is the market leader in Asia Pacific in terms of bringing Japanese interest rate products online. BARX has offered JPY swaps since 2005, and allows products denominated in US dollars (US Treasuries, Agency Bonds, TIPs and swaps) to be traded in Asia Pacific trading hours.


Municipal Bonds

Barclays is one of the top dealers of US municipal bonds. Our strategic, solutions-based, client driven business model is designed to deliver a wide range of services. Our services are comprehensive and include investment banking, underwriting, derivatives, research, sales and trading.

The Barclays Municipal Finance team is committed to providing in-depth industry and technical expertise in origination, structuring, syndicate, trading, derivatives and credit solutions. With offices throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico, we operate a full-service business designed to support municipal issuers and investors. Our business is fully integrated into the Barclays Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities business in order to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Our team of seasoned professionals averages over 20 years experience in the municipal bond business. Our business model is designed to focus on large and sophisticated issuers with regional and sector expertise in each area.

The size, depth, and breadth of our coverage allow us to provide a broad array of products and services in order to help our clients minimize borrowing costs, enhance investment returns, and more effectively manage assets and liabilities.

Dedicated to Success

We continually provide superior client service through exceptional ideas, structuring expertise and seamless execution of debt financings as well as industry leading research and strategy publications including trade ideas in an evolving market. We value our long-standing client relationships and look forward to building new relationships. If you would like to speak with one of the members of our team, please e-mail



Barclays is a leader in the structuring, global distribution, trading, and research of asset backed products in the Asset Backed Securities and Asset Backed Commercial Paper markets. We provide you with seamless execution of securitization transactions, and in-depth market intelligence.