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Electronic Trading and LX (US Only)

Order Handling Transparency

Barclays is committed to providing clients with a thorough understanding of our electronic trading offering and order handling practices.

Our FAQ document for LX and Equities Electronic Order Handling details the most commonly asked questions by our clients. Additional documents, including monthly LX statistics and Barclays’ Form ATS filing, can be found below.

LX, the firm’s ATS, aggregates Barclays Equities liquidity to improve execution opportunities and reduce costs. Through Liquidity Profiling, the Barclays LX team is able to segment participants and customize client interactions with order flow. Periodic enhancements to Barclays LX ensure that execution is supported by the latest technology.


Barclays offers clients sophisticated algorithms to accomplish various objectives for equities and equity options. Our algorithms employ dynamic order placement to avoid the information leakage of schedule-based logic. Order size and trading rates are continuously updated to blend in with real-time trading activity.

Dynamic Router

The Dynamic Router, Barclays’ smart order router, accesses liquidity in both displayed and non-displayed venues including all US exchanges, electronic communication networks, and various alternative trading systems. The Dynamic Router forecasts liquidity on a symbol and venue level, posting intelligently-sized orders based on the probability of fill, and parallel routing sweep orders to maximize fill rates.

Research and Content

Global Equity Research

Our equity research teams deliver company and industry analysis across asset classes, geographies, and sectors to help clients make informed investment decisions. While our fundamental equity research teams produce a wide range of industry-leading content, our macro strategists analyse broad investment themes and market trends.

Global industries covered include:

  • Basic Industries
  • Consumer
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Internet & Media
  • Power & Utilities
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunication

Corporate Access

Our Institutional Corporate Marketing (ICM) team of dedicated sector specialists use market intelligence to advise corporates on their interactions with the investment community. Through conferences, field trips, and non-deal roadshows, Barclays offers corporates and institutional investors unique opportunities to partner.

Barclays Live

Barclays Live is our web-based client portal that provides award-winning research, Barclays indices, advanced analytical tools, and comprehensive market data. Find out more here.


Liquidity and Execution

Equity Issuance

Equity Syndicate works with Equity Capital Markets to structure, price and allocate equity and equity-linked capital raising transactions. In 2013, Barclays maintained a top 5 ranking in secondaries, equity and equity-related, and convertibles (Source: DealLogic).

Trading Insight and Execution

Our integrated liquid markets group enhances our ability to deliver better service to our clients. The one-team approach to risk management offers clients distinctive trading insight, full-service execution, and customizable solutions across products, including:

  • Cash Trading
  • Program Trading
  • Desk Analysts and Industry Specialists
  • Special Situations
  • Electronic Trading
  • Equity Flow Derivatives
  • Equity & Funds Structured Markets
  • Convertibles

Innovative Liquidity Solutions

We help clients capture liquidity efficiently with innovative solutions:

  • Barclays LX® – industry-leading dark pool
  • Conditional orders – dark block functionality
  • Cap Comm – automated capital commitment on algorithmic orders
  • DirectEx – actionable IOIs

NYSE Market Makers

Barclays is committed to being a leading Designated Market Maker (DMM) on the New York Stock Exchange. We are the #2 DMM, with a legacy of over 80 years’ experience, covering approximately 1,200 NYSE-listed issues and 40% of volume. Our market makers partner with clients to provide timely information that enhances their investor relations efforts.

Commission Management

Our Commission Management team provides reconciliation services and arranges payments to over 350 research brokers and over 2,000 non-broker vendors. CommissionLink® is our streamlined commission management system that allows you to access valuable research from your provider of choice and to easily monitor your commission allocations.


Trading Analysis

Portfolio WebBench® Analytics

Portfolio WebBench® is the flagship execution analytics toolkit from Barclays for global equity portfolios, offering insight into every stage of the investment process, from portfolio construction to post-trade analysis.

CB Insight

CB Insight is our comprehensive, web-based analytics offering for convertible analysis. We provide clients with access to the same models and data used by our internal desk, including dynamic market monitors and new issue analysis.


VolCenter is Barclays’ premier equity derivatives tool, providing immediate access to research, market monitors, options data, and trade idea generators.